Bungie on what Destiny does better than Borderlands



Bungie hopes to take Borderlands’ brand of openworld shooting one step further through connected play.

The Destiny developer invited us into its studio for the cover story of our new issue, on sale Thursday August 1. The game will allow players to level up using Talent Points, and Bungie acknowledges that it has taken inspiration from fellow openworld shooters Far Cry and Borderlands.

“We are absolutely doing things that would be familiar if you’ve played any kind of open-world game,” creative lead Joe Staten told us. “I mean… Far Cry, even. We would be idiots if we didn’t look at an awesome game like Borderlands and ask, ‘What are they doing well and how can we try to hit that same ball?’ I have never played a game where I have such a great attachment to my gun as I do in Borderlands.

“When we look at a game like that, we look at the things they’re doing well and also at opportunities they might have missed that we can capitalise on. You can party up with a group of people and then go around with that group, but never in Borderlands are you going to collide with a group of other people doing it too. We don’t do that just once or twice in the game, we do that all the time, everywhere. You see other people on the horizon, hear gunfire over a hill and see space magic flying behind some trees, and you know… there are other people out here, that [changes everything]. Borderlands right now is: ‘I’m going to walk into that space and we’re going to clear them out and keep going’. And frankly that’s not just Borderlands, that’s any co-op shooter.”

Speaking as part of our new issue’s cover feature, Bungie also told us what it learned from developing the Halo games and how those experiences fed into the making of Destiny.

E257 is on sale Thursday August 1 – you can find out more about the issue here.