Bungie: Three Game Projects “Underway”

Bungie: Three Game Projects "Underway"

Bungie: Three Game Projects "Underway"

The latest update to Bungie’s company blog has revealed that the company is currently working on “three distinct projects underway within Bungie – some familiar, some not.”

The blog implied that each of these projects was at a different stage of development, saying some were “on a closer horizon,” while some were “quite far off.”

While no official statements were made regarding the content or franchises of these projects, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick did reveal at E3 that Bungie was working on a Halo game.

According to the same developer blog entry, no further light will be shone on these projects at the next major upcoming game conference, PAX. Instead the company will have “will have some Halo 3 multiplayer stuff” at that show.

During E3, Bungie stated that it had to abort a major planned product announcement at the request of its publisher. It has been widely speculated that an as-yet unannounced Halo project was the product that was to be announced.

Pictured: Halo 3