Cannon Fodder 3 Announced

Cannon Fodder 3 Announced

To be released in Russia and CIS territories under licence from Codemasters; Western release unconfirmed.

Little-known Russian developer GFI has announced it is to release Cannon Fodder 3, an unexpected sequel to the much-loved 90s war sim.

The developer says it is making the title for PC and Xbox 360 under licence from IP rights holder Codemasters. It promises “classic isometric environments in full 3D, weather effects, change of time, destructible environment, physical water and a lot more.”

However Codemasters has moved to distance itself from the release, telling Eurogamer this morning: “In 2008 we licensed the Cannon Fodder IP to GFI for a one-off project.

“Under the agreement, GFI is designing and developing a new game based on the series for release in Russia and the CIS territories. Codemasters understands that GFI’s plans for distribution and release outside of Russia and the CIS have yet to be announced.”

GFI has not announced a release date for the game. Jon Hare, creator of the original Cannon Fodder, is “looking into” porting it to iOS devices, according to Beefjack.