Capcom clarifies SOPA stance

Capcom has moved to clarify its stance on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), decrying claims it was supporting the bill as "bad journalism" and insisting: "We do not have an internal stance on this particular issue."

Yesterday reports claimed the publisher had as good as given its support to the controversial proposed legislation, introduced in the US Senate in October, by saying that the Entertainment Software Association, which backs SOPA, "represents us on these matters." Yet in a post on the Capcom Unity forums, senior VP of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson goes into a little more detail.

"We've only ever stated that the ESA represents us in legislative matters," he writes. "Inferring more than that is bad journalism … The ESA is working with representatives to improve solutions to what is a real problem.

"At Capcom, we're game makers, not legislators. We do not have an internal stance on this particular issue and are not planning to. We'll get back to making games. Thanks."

All of which is fine, and Svensson's reiteration that those that upload gameplay videos to YouTube or stream on the internet will not be pursued is heartening. But the ESA is a trade association, and as such will only change its stance if pressured by its members, and if Capcom has "no internal stance" the ESA will surely see no need to change its own.