Capcom: PC Support Key for Emerging Markets

Capcom: PC Support Key for Emerging Markets

Capcom: PC Support Key for Emerging Markets

In many regions, gamers primarily choose consoles over PC gaming, partly due to ease of use and cost issues.

Not all regions prefer consoles, however, particularly in emerging markets. Capcom is one game company that wants to take advantage of the PC userbase by releasing PC versions of frontline console games like Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet, Bionic Commando and Devil May Cry IV.

Capcom VP of strategic planning Christian Svensson told Rock Paper Shotgun, "We have brands that are very appealing, but the platform of choice in many countries is not a current-gen console. I’ll point to Russia, to Brazil, to emerging markets in the Middle East. India is an emerging market, even if it is a few years away from doing the kinds of things that we need. The PC is global, and it’s ubiquitous."

It’s a global PC strategy that is opposite of some other game makers, who have steered clear of the platform amidst sinking PC game retail revenues and piracy concerns.

But as more publishers leave the PC gaming arena, Capcom hopes to capture that abandoned market. "Quite frankly, the more people who shy away from [PC], the bigger the opportunity."

The countless PC configurations in the world make for more difficult software testing, Svensson admits, and piracy also hinders PC support. A strong focus on digital distribution and a better understanding of the nature of the piracy beast may help turn unauthorized software use into a viable business model.

"As a distribution network [piracy] is useful, and perhaps that can help us distributed software trials and so on," Svensson said. "There are aspects of piracy that, if they can be turned around, can become positive."