Cave puts projects on hold and turns to social

Revered Japanese shooter developer Cave has put some of its current projects on hold and said it will focus more on social games after lowering its sales forecasts by over 15 per cent.

Cave now expects full-year sales to total ¥2.8 billion (£23.6 million), down from the ¥3.3 billion (£27.8 million) originally forecast. The company predicts a half-yearly loss of ¥31 million (£261,000), and a slender year-end profit of ¥50 million (£422,000), having originally forecast profits of ¥310 million (£2.6 million).

The developer blamed the decline on tough market conditions, with retailers cutting back on orders amid slower demand causing the company's new releases to fail to meet sales targets.

Andriasang reports that Cave has therefore "rethought its development plan" and is to increase its focus on social games, leading to it putting development of some projects on hold.