CCP tells Eve players: “We have heard you”

In a post on the Eve Insider Dev Blog, senior producer Arnar Hrafn Gylfason cuts a contrite figure as he assures disgruntled Eve Online players that CCP has listened to their concerns about the direction the game has taken in recent months, and will reveal its response in the weeks to come.

"Over the past days and weeks, CCP has been doing extensive and intense introspection and revitalisation," he writes. "The result of this is a refocusing and reprioritisation on a scale unheard of within our company. These are indeed defining times.

"We will reveal more over the coming weeks. You've often told us that we promise too much and deliver too little, and this time we want to be certain that doesn't happen.

"We are listening to you, we have heard you, and plans are already in motion. Watch this space."

At the core of player disenchantment are the microtransactions and human-based avatars introduced in Eve's recent Incarna update. So severe was the community's response that CCP invited the player-elected Council Of Stellar Management (CSM) to an emergency meeting at the developer's Reykjavik HQ.

Despite an uneasy peace being reached at the meeting, CSM chairman Alexander "The Mittani" Gianturco hit out at CCP earlier this month for its "folly and neglect," and accusing CCP's senior management of being "hell-bent on running Eve Online into the ground."