Charles Cecil to make social game

Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword series, plans to make a social game, saying that someone needs to build on Zynga's work in popularising the genre by making it "more sophisticated."

Speaking to Hookshot Inc, Cecil, whose studio Revolution is believed to be currently at work on Broken Sword 5, said: "I admire Zynga. But I'm a traditionalist – I think games should be designed on passion rather than metrics. I enjoyed CityVille for a while but the problem is, I'm too analytical. I play for a few weeks, but then the mechanics become so obvious.

"The Zynga audience will soon be looking for something more sophisticated … I'm interested in how you can tell stories in the freemium space. The idea of an interactive story based on the free-to-play model is incredibly exciting, and it's something I'm exploring.

"The social driver is everything – that's the way it needs to be … Zynga has done a brilliant job of teaching the grammar of social gaming, but there are opportunities for other developers to come in at the next level, to offer a more sophisticated experience."

It's a good point. While established, traditional gaming companies have sought to challenge Zynga's dominance of the sector, most have done it through acquisitions, such as EA with Playfish, and Disney with Playdom. Apple approached Revolution early in the App Store's life as it believed the point-and-click adventure was a fine fit for iPhone, and the same applies to Facebook; perhaps Revolution can be the studio that helps social games grow up.