City Of Steam to be first game launched in MENA and Turkish markets alongside western version


DAO Games is set to create a world first when it launches Mechanist Games’ MMOG City Of Steam in the MENA (middle east and north Africa) region and Turkey, allowing gamers there to play a localised version of an international online game at the same time as western players.

According to website Internet World Stats, the rapid spread of internet access in Arabic and Turkish-speaking markets has created a burgeoning online gaming community in the region, with 75 million people using social networks and playing online games daily at last count. DAO Games was set up specifically to tap into that market, it’s ambition to better align the experiences of its players with those of western gamers.

“We chose to work with DAO Games to publish City of Steam in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey regions as we believe in their fresh new vision,” said Mechanist Games general manager David Lindsay. “The company brings new and innovative perspectives into these emerging markets.”

DAO Games CEO Peter Kwisthout added: “It’s our intention to bring the very best MMO’s to the MENA and Turkish markets and to build DAO Games as the premium partner for global publishers and studios looking to access these rapidly expanding online gaming markets”.

City Of Steam is currently in beta over here, and the closed beta for MENA and Turkey will kick off in the first quarter of 2013 – it’s also the first Unity-built game to launch in Arabic and Turkish. DAO’s next project, Chinese MMOG studio ZQGame’s The Lost Titans, will launch later on in the year. DAO is targeting a huge market, that’s only set to further expand as time passes, and its approach – importing and localising other markets’ games rather than attempting to compete with those developers in their own regions – is refreshing, too, and indicative of both the shifting balance of power in the videogame industry and its potential future as a single market.