Club Nintendo Revises Privacy Policy

Club Nintendo Revises Privacy Policy

Nintendo is asking users to accept a new privacy policy for its Club Nintendo membership scheme, with the 3DS’s online features requiring that users consent for their personal data to be shared with Nintendo Japan.

The firm has emailed all members of the scheme – which allows users to exchange star points bundled with consoles and games for Nintendo-themed merchandise – informing them that, unless they accept the changes by May 31, their account and stars will be deactivated.

The firm explains on its website: "The amendment of the Club Nintendo privacy policy was necessary due to the launch of the new Nintendo 3DS system which offers a broad variety of network services. As you can link your Club Nintendo account to your Nintendo 3DS system, we adjusted the existing privacy policy to reflect and explain this.

"Under the new Club Nintendo Privacy Policy we ask for your consent to share your data with our parent company Nintendo Co Ltd in Japan. The Nintendo 3DS system offers many new and exciting features and applications which we cannot provide to you without involving our parent company. As you can link your Club Nintendo account to your Nintendo 3DS system, the involvement of our parent company also affects Club Nintendo."

Nintendo stresses that collected information will not be used for any other purpose, insisting: "We will take all necessary steps to ensure that your privacy is protected."

Source: Club Nintendo (login required)