Concept art and plot details for Bungie’s Destiny surface, Halo studio confirms authenticity

Bungie's Destiny

New images, along with plot details, of Bungie’s latest project, Destiny, have appeared after some of the assets were supposedly leaked to IGN and others were found on a USB stick left in a coffee shop.

Bungie has confirmed that the material, leaked or otherwise, is genuine and has even posted a new image (above) on its official website along with a post saying that it’s not ready to fully reveal its “next universe” just yet. The concept art itself, which you can see below, is somewhat reminiscent of the work of illustrator Chris Foss, whose animalistic designs defined the look of Dune and Alien’s craft.

The document reveals that Destiny is set seven hundred years from today, in Earth’s last remaining city. A spherical alien ship known as “the traveller” hangs over the city with no clear purpose, but the inhabitants of Earth’s surviving settlement believe that it offers protection from the marauding alien beings that covet the planet. Players are cast as “young ‘knights'” tasked with defending humanity’s last stand, discovering the source of the alien creatures and eliminating the threat.

It describes gameplay as “highly social while also allowing for open exploration”, and sets out the studio’s ambitious intention to create a universe as “deep, tangible and relatable as that of the Star Wars franchise”.

“Destiny is designed for your inner seven year old,” a quote from Bungie co-founder Jason Jones reads. “We want to make it feel like a mythic adventure.”

There is no clear confirmation that Destiny is, as has been suggested in the past, an MMOG. A contract between Bungie and Activision – made publicly available in May this year during the publisher’s legal dispute with Infinity Ward – revealed that the Halo creator is signed up to produce four “massively multiplayer-style… sci-fantasy, action-shooter” projects for consoles (both Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s next hardware) and PC under the codename Destiny. And Bungie is using Finnish middleware developer Umbra Software’s Umbra 3.1 tools, which sport features particularly suited to MMOG development.