Confirmed: Yuji Naka Leaves Sega

Confirmed: Yuji Naka Leaves Sega

Confirming rumors, Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka has officially left Sega to start his own studio, called "Prope."

Apparently, Naka and Sega are still on amicable terms, as the publisher will contribute 10 percent of the studio’s startup capital. Sega said that its support of the company is in line with a plan to help Sega developers form independent companies.

According to Prope’s website, the name is derived from the Latin word meaning "’beside’ and ‘near’ future."

It continues, "We named our company PROPE in the hopes of bringing game entertainment much closer to users, establishing closer ties between users and us, and creating near future entertainment."

The firm will commit to new IP, and will officially form on June 1. Projects are yet to be announced. reported on the possibility of Naka’s departure in mid-March.