The Creative Assembly Announces Alien Tie-In

The Creative Assembly Announces Alien Tie-In

Sega subsidiary The Creative Assembly has announced plans to open a 10,000 square foot studio in West Sussex for the creation of a “triple A title on console” based on the Alien movie franchise.

Development of the game will be handled by the team responsible for 2008 console title Viking: Battle For Asgard. Neither target platforms nor release date were revealed, but Sega told that it had not ruled out the possibility of developing the game for next-generation consoles.

Culture minister Ed Vaizey was at The Creative Assembly’s Horsham offices today to see the game, and said: “Very close to where we are standing there are geniuses at work, developing a game based on 20th Century Fox’s Alien. The graphics are amazing, the concept is amazing.”

The developer expects to almost double its headcount to 200 staff over the course of the next year. Vaizey said: “If you’re one of the top developers in the country come and work here, on a game to take the world by storm. If anyone outside this room is listening please send your resumé to The Creative Assembly.”

Among those updating their CVs may be staff at Brighton studio Black Rock. News broke last week that parent company Disney Interactive was to cut a reported 100 jobs at the Split/Second developer. The Creative Assembly studio head Tim Heaton said Black Rock staff had already been approached.