CrimeCraft Refused Classification in Australia

CrimeCraft Refused Classification in Australia

Vogster Entertainment’s CrimeCraft has effectively been banned from release in Australia after being refused classification by the country’s ratings body.

The Australian Classification Board refused to grant the shooter-MMO hybrid a rating because of its inclusion of “drug use related to incentives or rewards”.

“In the board’s opinion, there is insufficient delineation between the ‘fictional drugs’ available in game and real-world proscribed drugs,” the classification body said, according to GameSpot.

CrimeCraft becomes the fifth title to be refused classification in Australia this year, following Risen, Necrovision, Sexy Poker and Left 4 Dead 2.

New York-based indie developer Vogster said in September that it was making “significant staffing changes” as it restructured its operations to focus its resources on CrimeCraft.