Crysis Budget Revealed

Crysis Budget Revealed

The high-profile PC first-person shooter Crysis cost €15m ($22m) to make, said Cevat Yerli, president and CEO of developer Crytek.

In an IGN report from the Leipzig GCDC, Yerli confirmed that the game was profitable, saying "if it wasn’t profitable I wouldn’t be able to stand here."

The PC-exclusive game, released in November 2007 and published by EA, had sold 1 million units as of February this year worldwide.

While the game was an apparent commercial success, Crytek has said Crysis sales were hampered by widespread piracy, so much so that the developer swore off making PC-exclusive titles.

In April, Crytek called Crysis the most pirated project in the company’s history.

The Germany-based studio isn’t quite done with PC exclusives, as it plans on releasing the spin-off Crysis Warhead next month.