Crytek Advertising For iOS Developer

Crytek Advertising For iOS Developer

Crytek Advertising For iOS Developer

Studio posts listing on website, expresses doubts over id and Epic’s mobile-game design strategies.

Frankfurt-based Crysis and FarCry developer, Crytek, has posted a job listing on its website for an "iPhone/iPad developer". The role will include designing and developing "complex, integrated iPhone/iPad applications", and managing "one or more iPhone/iPad applications".

The job also lists Android and Windows Mobile development experience as preferable.

PC development competitors id and Epic are making waves on iOS with Rage HD and Infinity Blade respectively, demonstrating what their licensable engines are capable of. It would be a natural next step, then, for Crytek to enter the market.

However, when we spoke to Crytek co-founder, Cevat Yerli, for a feature on Frankfurt’s game industry (which will be published in the March issue of Edge), he expressed concerns regarding the way in which the market has been approached.

"Mobile is interesting, yes, but as always I like to sit back a little bit and watch what’s happening, even if there’s an advantage in being the first mover," he explained. "We did this with consoles, and with the free-to-play market.

"What are the mind shifts? What are the user behaviour changes? If you really look at those, then Epic and id’s releases wouldn’t happen today as they don’t make sense yet. They created a short-term burst of, ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’ But you’re left wondering, other than as a proof of concept, ‘why’?

"The business models, the services, the infrastructures – they aren’t really there yet… I’m looking at it from a holistic perspective, But it’s clear that online and mobile are more or less the same thing, so we are looking at addressing it a bit differently to id and Epic."