Crytek on developing next-gen games now

Edge 241 Crysis 3 thumb

Edge 241 Crysis 3 thumb

Crytek is ready to show off what it can do on next-generation platforms, says studio boss Cevat Yerli. As the game industry holds its breath for the arrival of PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox, Crytek believes that its CryEngine 3 represents a glimpse of what’s next – and what’s next is already taking place on high-end PCs.

Crysis 3 represents the absolute limit of what 360 and PS3 can do, Yerli told us. “We’ve pushed. CryEngine on console can’t do any more than that. That’s it. It is at the limits on consoles and really it is now prime time ready for the next big thing.”

“Effectively PC is showing a next-gen experience that I don’t think will be different to what will come in the next five years. From a console specs perspective, PC gaming will always be moving ahead.”

Yerli believes that the rate at which tech is evolving, home consoles can’t possibly keep up. “It’s impossible that a consumer good will be competitive to PC hardware. The chips from say, the middle of this year and in the next two years. In this window, the next-gen might be. So even if you take this window, it’s impossible that a console will be outpacing PC. Tablets might be competing at that time, with that rate of iteration. So that puts a lot of pressure on the console space.”

“That being said, the focus next-gen is different, the focus is on being a home entertainment hub,” he continued. “PC has always been about constantly updating and maximising, it’s a much more enthusiastic market than consoles.”

“We said two years ago we are next-gen ready,” he added. “Today I can definitely say CryEngine is definitely above and beyond any fixed platform that’s gonna arise. I mean a PC gaming rig costs alot and has in extreme cases four or five graphics card in it. You can’t beat that, it’s physically not possible. I see an opportunity for PC gaming to differentiate.”