Crytek on Homefront 2: “We’ve got a pretty good deal”

Crytek to develop Homefront sequel

Crytek has told Gamasutra that the studio feared Homefront 2 could be canned as Chapter 11 proceedings started at publisher THQ. It also confirmed that it paid closer to $540,000 for the IP, adding that greater control over the project means that the title could go free-to-play.

“We think we’ve got a pretty good deal,” said Crytek general manager Nick Button-Brown. “We’re very happy with the outcome for us. Obviously, the friends that we had working on Homefront on the THQ side, we’re a bit sad for them. They all seem to be finishing today.

“In the end, the reason why we were interested [in buying the property] was because our team had worked really hard on it. The last little bit they showed, the milestone, was really good. They’ve made a huge amount of progress, they put their heart and souls into it. And we just wanted to make sure that didn’t get thrown into the bin.”

“The great thing was telling the team. The team is really happy. Being in control of our own destiny is something everybody likes to have. They reacted really well – they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to carry on with the game. So there really was a point where people thought the game would be canned, and it’d be over with.”

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said that complete control over the title means that it can “look strategically how [the game] might be modified to fit with the direction of the company,” adding that “there were certain things that we would like to do. But THQ would say that it doesn’t fit in their strategy. Now this is a different situation, where we can apply a different direction – not necessarily from the game content perspective, but more from a business perspective, and flexibility in general.”

When pushed on whether Homefront 2 could go free-to-play, Yerli added: “It’s too early to say that. But, every normal human could probably conclude that there is some research being done on that right now. For now the team is continuing what it started. The team has started a retail game, and the chance that it will ship as a retail game is very high.”

Crytek also confirmed that publishers have shown interest in picking up the title, and that the release date hasn’t been pushed back as a result of the THQ situation.

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