Curve Studios is bringing Proteus to PS3 and Vita


Curve Studios is bringing Ed Key and David Kanaga’s Proteus to PS3 and Vita this year.

Speaking on the PlayStation blog, Curve’s Rob Clarke confirmed that the firstperson, procedurally-generated indie hit will be released in the Autumn, and that it is a cross-play game, meaning that PlayStation owners can buy the game once and play it on both PS3 and Vita.

“Here at Curve we’ve been working with Ed [Key] to make the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 versions even better than the PC original and over the next few months we’re going to have more information on how we’re using the power of the PS3 and Vita to bring the absolute best Proteus experience to you,” said Clarke.

We gave the PC release an 8 in our Proteus review earlier this year.