D3 Caught in Vicious Cycle

D3 Caught in Vicious Cycle

D3 Publisher of America (D3PA) has entered a deal to buy Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based Vicious Cycle Software, the studio behind the upcoming Dead Head Fred for PSP.

“The addition of Vicious Cycle to D3PA marks our first acquisition of an internal developer and further strengthens our capabilities in delivering top quality games to the North American market,” said D3PA COO Yoji Takenaka in a statement.

D3PA will employ Vicious Cycle’s 50-person development team, which will remain in North Carolina. Once the deal is complete, the studio will become a D3PA subsidiary through share acquisition.

Vicious Cycle’s Eric Peterson and Wayne Harvey will remain president and VP, respectively, following the acquisition.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The two companies have worked together in the past on games including Flushed Away and Puzzle Quest for PSP. Vicious Cycle is also creator of the Vicious Engine tech for handhelds, consoles and PC.