Dark Souls Will Be “The Most Difficult Game”

Dark Souls Will Be "The Most Difficult Game"

Dark Souls Will Be "The Most Difficult Game"

Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Demon’s Souls follow-up Dark Souls, says his team at From Software is not going to go any easier on players, saying that he wants the game to be “more difficult” than its predecessor.

“I have no intention to make the game any easier,” he tells us. “In fact, I want it to be more difficult. The way I put it to my team is that we are trying to make the most difficult game it is possible to make, which at the same time can be conquered by those who persevere. It has to be firm, but fair.”

As part of our in-depth preview of Dark Souls, due for release for Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year, Miyazaki explains the five criteria on which the game’s difficulty level is assessed.

“We want any player to be able to clear any obstacle simply by learning from mistakes and paying close attention,” he says. “Then, the reasons for failure must always be clear and understandable. Every problem must have multiple solutions, so players can tackle it in whichever way they want.

“The game’s controls can never be a factor from which difficulty is derived. And finally, we want to make sure that there’s the possibility for miracles to happen; those magical moments that spread stories outside of the confines of the gameworld.”

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