Dave Perry Shows Off Gaikai Tech

Dave Perry Shows Off Gaikai Tech

Dave Perry has shown off his new Gaikai cloud gaming service in video form for the first time publicly.

The video, viewable on Perry’s website, shows the technology, which was privately demonstrated at GDC and E3, running a series of games including Spore, Mario Kart 64 and World Of Warcraft over a home internet cable connection in a normal Firefox browser without any plug-ins or installs.

“Gaikai is a revolutionary new technology that lets you play any game online in your browser,” says Perry. “In the age of the cloud, when all your documents, email, photos and videos are instantly reachable online, it seems archaic that you still need to install gigabytes of game files on an expensive PC with an even more expensive video card. And even then you can only play from that specific computer.

“We are not in competition with any other streaming company or technology,” Perry adds. “Our goals are really simple: to remove all the friction between hearing about a game and trying it out, to help reduce the cost of gaming, to grow videogame audiences, to raise the revenue that publishers and developers can earn, and (most importantly) to make games accessible everywhere."

Perry will be talking in more depth about Gaikai later this month at the Develop conference and at GDC Europe in August.