Dear Esther recoups investment within six hours

Haunting PC adventure Dear Esther recouped the Indie Fund's investment in the game in just five and a half hours after launch yesterday.

Developers The Chinese Room have confirmed that more than 16,000 units were sold on Steam following Dear Esther's launch yesterday. The Indie Fund, set up by luminaries including Jonathan Blow, Kellee Santiago and Ron Carmel, goes into a little more detail on the project in a blog post.

The Chinese Room's Dan Pinchbeck asked for £30,000, but the Indie Fund wasn't convinced it would make any money, and suggested he work towards a multiplatform release. In an email to Pinchbeck, the group said: "What we are thinking is that PSN may actually be the best audience for the game, since PSN has a tradition of doing arty stuff."

"We appear to have been very wrong about all this," the blog post reads. "We are happy to have been wrong. One month after Dan's proposal, we voted to fund Dear Esther.

"It's great to see a game like Dear Esther doing well and we hope this means the next game will be much easier to make!"