Defcon Bombing US Retail

Defcon Bombing US Retail

UK-based indie developer Introversion has signed a deal to bring its unique real-time strategy game Defcon (pictured) to North American retailers.

US publisher Encore will be responsible for bringing the well-reviewed title stateside, and has ordered an initial 50K copies of the game for retail. It will sell for $29.99.

The North American deal came about through Defcon’s UK publisher Pinnacle, distributor of Encore products in the UK.

The game, branded as "the world’s first genocide-’em-up," is also currently available to download on Valve’s Steam digital distribution service for $14.95.

The online multiplayer game revolves around nuclear warfare and was inspired by the 1983 cult classic movie War Games.

Introversion is also responsible for acclaimed titles such as Uplink and Darwinia. The small indie developer concentrates on making attractive-looking abstract games that pass on photorealism.

In February, Introversion told Next-Gen that it would eventually bring its games to consoles as downloadable titles.