Developer Bringing Kinect To PC MMOG

Developer Bringing Kinect  To PC MMOG

Developer Bringing Kinect  To PC MMOG

Korean company GamePrix hints at PC support for Kinect in future.

Korean developer GamePrix has told website IncGamers that it intends to utilise Kinect in its PC game, Divine Souls. Though the game is a PC exclusive title, GamePrix claims that it will "resemble console games" due to the inclusion of a Tekken-style combat system and describes it as an "action fighter MMO".

"Kinect will soon be available as a new controller so it might be supported like joypad mode in the future," says GamePrix’s Jason Lim. "Currently in Microsoft, there are many game companies that are trying to apply for this system.”

Lims comments fail to clarify whether the company is using publicly available Kinect drivers for the intergration, or officially sanctioned support from Microsoft. The latter would point to a future in which Microsoft makes Kinect available to PC developers.

Lim continued by describing the new combat mode: “We added PvP combat mode among the contents in online games. In fact, we do believe that this certainly has an advantage as an online game since many players can fight in a tournament and global tournament will be also available.”

Divine Souls entered open beta last week, through Western publisher Outspark.