Diablo, Pandaria and Skylanders fire Activision to record revenues



Activision Blizzard made $841 million (£527.1m) in the three months ending September 30 thanks to strong sales of Skylanders, Diablo III, and World Of Warcraft expansion Mists Of Pandaria.

More than half of total revenue made in the quarter came from digital sales. WOW ended the quarter with over 10 million subscribers, 2.7m of whom coughed up for Pandaria in its first week of release. Diablo III, meanwhile, has been the best-selling PC game in theUSandEuropesince its release in May.

Skylanders is rapidly becoming a key factor in Activision’s financial performance, too. Factor in sales of accessories and action figures and no console or handheld game has brought in more money in North America or Europe so far this year than Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. It’s also the best-selling action figure range in theUS.

CEO Bobby Kotick was suitably bullish about the results, praising his company’s “unyielding commitment to excellence” and saying the release next week of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II will be “one of the most successful launches of any form in entertainment history.”

He does, however, warn that this year’s success will be hard to top next year, with the “console transition” and the absence from its release schedule of anything to replicate Diablo III’s sales. The company has raised its forecasts for the year as a whole, and now expects to make $4.57 billion, an increase of 5.6 per cent.