DICE 2008 Poised to be Best Yet

DICE 2008 Poised to be Best Yet

DICE 2008 Poised to be Best Yet

With industry leaders from Blizzard, Q Entertainment, EA, Insomniac, Epic and more, you’ll want to keep an eye on Next-Gen’s coverage of DICE Summit 2008.

Every year, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ DICE Summit (that’s Design, Innovate, Communicate and Entertain) manages to improve over the previous year. 2008  continues the trend.

With CMP Group’s Game Developers Conference following the summit just over a week after the end of DICE, many game journos and industry figures will be jumping from one event to another in a pretty short period of time. While GDC 2008 will continue its awesome growth and will probably be the best one yet, DICE is a worthwhile conference in its own right, able to distinguish itself from other gatherings by offering a more intimate and focused environment that features a straightforward schedule (only one thing going on at a time here) and a relatively small amount of highly relevant presentations.

During the course of the Las Vegas event, we’ll see debates over industry consolidation; presentations from Blizzard’s top-ranking execs; 20 questions for Microsoft’s Shane Kim; a look to the future from EA boss John Riccitiello; a talk from PaRappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matuura; an appearance from new ESA boss Mike Gallagher; and a tool talk from top figures from Epic Games, Insomniac and Ubisoft.

Even Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski will be on hand to deliver an opening keynote.

And we’d be remiss not to mention the annual Interactive Achievement Awards on Thursday, which will recognize 2007’s best games.

The conference runs from Wednesday, February 6 to Friday, February 8.

The slots will be chiming, the golf clubs will be swinging and the booze will be flowing, but in between all that, Next-Gen will be bringing you up-to-the minute coverage throughout the week of what will likely be the best DICE yet.