Disney Game to Use 3D Glasses

Disney Game to Use 3D Glasses

Disney Interactive Studios has announced that it will be shipping a set of 3D glasses with every copy of its upcoming title, Toy Story Mania.

2009 opened with much deliberation on what impact 3D TV may have on the games industry, with Nvidia just one of the companies flaunting its 3D technology at this year’s CES event in Las Vegas.

Sony’s CES keynote conference showcased video footage of Gran Turismo 5 rendered in 3D, which needed Real-D Cinema glasses to properly view. The platform holder also demonstrated a selection of games on its 3D Bravia television displays.

Yet no solid plans for future 3D game technology have been announced. Disney Interactive Studio’s 3D glasses are of the classic anaglyph variety with green and red lenses. The publisher claims they can work on standard television sets, and are “required” for play.

Toy Story Mania is being developed by Papaya Studio, and is described by Disney Interactive as “an array of entertaining games based on the … Toy Story franchise at Walt Disney World Resort attractions”, suggesting it will be a collection of minigames set in an amusement park.

The game is set to launch exclusively for the Wii in the Autumn, around the same time as Disney Digitals’ 3D theatrical re-release of Toy Story, which will be followed by a 3D release of Toy Story 2 in February next year, with the next Toy Story film set to arrive in the Summer of 2010.