Double Fine laments “unfortunate” Iron Brigade delay

Double Fine has blamed the ongoing delay for the European release of Iron Brigade on Microsoft's famously arduous certification process, which has been further complicated by the change from its original name, Trenched, amid fears of a protracted trademark battle.

Trenched - released in the US in June – was delayed in Europe due to a potential violation of a trademark held by a Portuguese designer for a board game called Trench. The name was changed in August and was due for release the following month, but it is yet to appear on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

In an interview with XBLA Fans, project lead Brad Muir said: "I wish we could announce dates. We're getting really close to having it clear certification through Microsoft and it's kind of unfortunate because changing the name of a game you've already shipped in half the world is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

"There are so many different departments that it has to cruise through at Microsoft in order to enable the name change. It's pretty ridiculous. They sent us the preliminary plan on how that [was] going to work and I didn't even know there were that many divisions.

"Xbox Live is a very complex machine. There's a bunch of different moving parts and it has to go through a bunch of checkpoints."