DualShock 3 Gets July 2 European Release

DualShock 3 Gets July 2 European Release

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that the rumbling DualShock 3 wireless controller will be released in mainland Europe on July 2, 2008, and in the UK and Ireland on July 4.

A number of gamers vented their frustration when the PlayStation 3 released with controllers that didn’t support rumble functionality. While Sony initially labeled the vibration feature as a thing of the past, it relented last November by releasing the DualShock 3 controller in Japan. A US release followed in April 2008, and the eagerly awaited controller will now finally hit European stores at the end of this week.


Almost all future PS3 releases will support the £39.99 DualShock 3 pad, according to Sony, and the controller will ship already compatible with many existing titles including Resistance: Fall of Man, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.


“We are delighted to confirm that DualShock 3 will be released in SCEE territories in early July,” said SCEE president David Reeves.


“We hope this will add to the intense gaming experience for our fans, as we continue to evolve PS3, its software and its peripherals.”


According to Sony, more than 28 million DualShock controllers have been sold for PlayStation platforms since 1998.