E3 2013: DICE announces Mirrors Edge 2


Of course, there were no details, though, as has become customary, there was a trailer constructed of in-engine footage.

It will be ready when it’s ready, and there’s no hint from the trailer of anything other than an uprezzed Mirror’s Edge, but for fans of the original that would be more than enough.

“As we embark on this new adventure, I ask that you be patient as we explore the best way to make Faith’s return as memorable and impactful as the original game,” says Mirror’s Edge senior producer Sara Jansson.

“We are still in early stages of development and we don’t want to rush anything. We want to make sure we create an experience that lives up to high expectations and fully takes advantage of the next generation of systems.

“Finally, I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of our fans. Every time you have asked us about the future of Faith, we have felt your support. Without you, the new Mirror’s Edge wouldn’t be happening.”

You can see the first trailer below, and our Mirror’s Edge 2 gallery.