E3 2013: platform holders must ‘listen to players’, says Watch Dogs’ creative director

Watch Dogs

Platform holders must listen to their audience because player expression will define the next generation, according to Watch Dogs’ creative director.

Ubisoft Montreal’s Jonathan Morin told us at E3 this week what the next generation meant to him, suggesting that player power and creativity will come to define Xbox One and PS4.

“To me next generation will be what players make of it,” he told us. “I think the generation we’re looking at now is past the concept of the box defining it. I think people who make machines and consoles now need to listen to players, need to look at how they behave in their lives and then put that in their hands, but ultimately it’s going to be the players who are going to have to embrace new elements.”

Xbox One and PS4’s enhanced connectivity also means an evolution of the relationship between player and developer, added Morin.

“There’s a lot of people – and I’m not going to name names – but there are people who make games who, in their head, it’s more like they’re on a stage doing a rock show and the players are fans watching the stage and enjoying the music. Personally, I thinking making a game is making music and sharing it, giving it to the player. What’s hard is we have to teach them to play guitar in order for them to express themselves. They might not go as deep as we want them to go but at least they’re expressing themselves, and watching them back we’re learning about them and creating a better medium afterwards.”

“We have games that help people create, Minecraft and stuff like that, we have other games that learn about them and try to adjust to it and I think that’s our job. Let’s help them and let’s listen to them and bring them to enjoy what we’re doing.”