E3 2013: why Square turned Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy Versus XIII became Final Fantasy XV two years ago as a result of the project’s increasing size and scale, Tetsuya Nomura has told us.

In one of the more unusual E3 game reveals, Square confirmed during Sony’s conference that Versus XIII will now be released as Final Fantasy XV. We asked Nomura to explain when and why the project changed course in an interview the following day.

“As you may know, three years ago we announced three titles, Agito, Versus XIII and XIII But one to two years after that announcement in the company we started discussing the possibility of moving Versus XIII into XV because of the size and scale of Versus XIII,’ he said. “So we were warming up the idea of considering the move to XV – which is the mainstream [entry of the] Final Fantasy series – and between that time and now we had several chances to announce updates of the series and we debated if we should go with Versus XIII or announce the change to XV.”

“About two years ago we confirmed, internally, that we would change the title to XV and then at the same time, around that time, the company started working on next-gen consoles, because hard disc was getting ready for the next-gen development. So that became a really good trigger to move on to the change of XV. And also around the same time Zero changed the title name so that was another reason.”

After its unveiling at Sony’s E3 presentation, Square confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will be released on Xbox One as well as PS4.