EA delisted from NASDAQ-100, Activision Blizzard last remaining game company



Electronic Arts has been removed from the NASDAQ-100 – an index of the 100 largest non-financial companies listed on the American stock exchange – following NASDAQ’s annual re-ranking.

The removal comes as a result of EA’s share value dropping 40 per cent from June this year, the lowest since 1999, and the perceived “failure” – in Wall Street’s eyes – of Bioware MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Indeed, EA made a partial switch to free-to-play which some saw as an admission that the game had failed – CEO John Riccitiello admitted sales of the game had been “disappointing”.

The delisting means that Activision Blizzard is now the only game-focused company left on the list, though companies for which games make up a portion of their activities – such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Nvidia – are also still represented.

Other companies leaving the list this year include Netflix and RIM. In August, sources close to the New York Post claimed that the publishing giant was quietly exploring a sale to private equity firms.