EA details huge Medal Of Honor: Warfighter patch that may explain review delay

Medal of Honor Warfighter

Electronic Arts has released details of a day-one patch for multiplatform shooter Medal Of Honor: Warfighter that goes some way to explain the delay in review copies being sent to press outlets.

The update, details of which were posted on EA’s website, contains a host of fixes for serious gameplay issues, most of which affect the game’s multiplayer mode. Some highlights follow below.

– Fixed an issue where controls would become unresponsive under certain conditions
– Players can no longer join an invitation-only party without being invited
– Fixed an issue where a member that is removed from a platoon becomes its leader
– Fixed “no scope” shooting. Players were getting immediate ADS [aim down sight] accuracy without having to wait for the scope to come all the way up. Was very exploitable for snipers
– Made switching between primary and secondary weapons much more responsive
– Fixed an issue where aiming was pushing the player away from the wall they were standing next to
– Implemented pre-streaming for weapons to reduce the time from spawn to ready-to-fire to be 0 seconds in most cases. Down from around 2 seconds prior to this fix
– Made the start button responsive as soon as the player enters the first menu screen
– Fixed a 20 second hang during the online pass flow
– Fixed an issue with invites specific to PS3 and PC where the player would get stuck on a black screen
– Fixed an issue where a player’s class was changing without their input

All of which may go some way to explaining why EA is, at the time of writing, still yet to send review copies of the game to press. We’re expecting our copy today – the same day Warfighter goes on sale in North America – and will be working to bring you our thoughts on the game as quickly as possible.