EA luring lapsed Old Republic players with free week

EA is trying to lure back lapsed players of BioWare's Star Wars MMOG The Old Republic by offering them a week of free play.

The deal, which kicks off today, is timed to coincide with the launch of the Legacy update, which EA says is much larger than the 1.1 update released in January. Further details on the update content can be found at the game's official site.

Players with lapsed subscriptions can log in now and play for free until April 19, provided they haven't been banned. While it's tempting to interpret this as a sign of falling subscriber numbers, it's not uncommon for lapsed players to come back when new content is available; EA is merely making the promise of new things to do in the game a little more compelling.

Indeed, EA is also extending an offer to those who have stuck around; players who were at at least level 50 by 5pm yesterday are being thanked for their support with 30 free days in game. All active subscribers will be given a Legacy Tauntaun Ram Pet for free.