EA Reveals New Simpsons Title

EA Reveals New Simpsons Title

Electronic Arts has revealed that it is hard at work on a new Simpsons title scheduled for a multi-platform release some time this Fall.

Created in partnership with Gracie Films and Twentieth Century Fox Television, the game is being developed at EA’s Redwood Shores Studio. The story is being penned by the show’s Emmy Award-winning writers who intend to parody the video game industry and pop culture in the classic Simpsons style. The game will feature voice-acting from a number of the show’s most popular stars.


Players will take on the role of two Simpsons family members in each level, of which there are 16, or play as one character with a friend as the other in split-screen mode. Special powers will be available throughout the game, allowing Bart for example to transform into Bartman or Homer into the Homerball.


“Our goal in developing The Simpsons Game is to create the most original game ever, which is a lofty goal and only possible given the close collaboration with The Simpsons creative team,” said Scot Amos, executive producer.


“We’re also especially proud of the game’s warm visual feel, which captures – for the first time ever in a game – the look of the TV show.”