EA Sports Announces Tiger Woods Online

EA Sports Announces Tiger Woods Online

EA has confirmed plans to release a browser-based golf title that will be offered through a multi-tiered subscription from autumn 2009.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online will be streamed to web browsers and require no game installation, disc or additional peripherals.

Players will be able suspend play at any time and resume from the same point later on, said EA. At launch the game will feature “several world class championship courses,” with new features to be added “regularly.”

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is for anyone who loves golf and is on-the-go," said executive producer Mike Taramykin. "Whether you have ten minutes on your PC in the office, or hours on your Mac at home, this is a golf game that makes time for you. With Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online, golf lovers can satisfy their golf fix anytime."

EA CEO John Riccitiello hinted that the title could come to other platforms too, telling the Wall Street Journal (via Silicon Alley Insider) that "the console business at best appeals to 100 million people. We want to make games a place to go, rather than a thing to buy.”

The move is perhaps not that surprising, with EA Sports boss Peter Moore having recently told Edge that the company’s PC business model “simply isn’t working," and noting that he had "to find innovative ways to bring our content to life on the PC and online is the way that that’s going to happen.”

In October last year Riccitiello said that EA was planning to invest $150 million in direct-to-consumer models during the fiscal year. "In the future we see slower growth in the basic packaged goods business, and higher margins, greater growth and reduced cyclicality with these new direct-to-consumer businesses," he stated, while announcing that the company’s first big full-game console download, Burnout Paradise, had sold 20,000 copies in its first three weeks on the PlayStation Network.