EA Welcomes NPD Digital Shift

EA Welcomes NPD Digital Shift

EA Welcomes NPD Digital Shift

EA has welcomed the NPD Group’s announcement that it is to report on digital sales figures more regularly.

Speaking to Industry Gamers, EA’s Tiffany Steckler said: “NPD does a good job reporting sales of physical media and we’re glad they are taking action to fill the gaps related [to] digital revenue.

“We hope that media and analysts understand that any report on industry performance which doesn’t include digital sales is incomplete. We will continue working with NPD and other services to help improve reporting on digital sales.”

The publisher criticised the US market research firm last week for a lack of attention to the ever-growing digital sales market, saying: “Using NPD data for videogame sales is like measuring music sales and ignoring iTunes,” saying it saw its monthly sales reports as “a misrepresentation of the entire industry.”

NPD responded by saying that it would report digital sales on a monthly basis, rather than quarterly as it has done in the past, though it did point out that boxed retail sales still accounted for 60 per cent of sales in the United States.

EA’s expects its digital business, which includes mobile and PC titles, console DLC and its social game business operated by subsidiary Playfish, to generate up to $750 million in annual revenue.

Source: Industry Gamers