EBgames.com Sold Out of 360s

EBgames.com Sold Out of 360s

While EBgames.com put together some absurdly priced bundles for pre-orders on the Xbox 360, the site now claims to be "sold out" of its launch quantities.

Somewhat oddly, it also requests that customers check back often for more pre-order opportunities. In reality, what’s probably happening is that final launch allocations for the retailer (or EBworld.com’s specific allocation within the chain) have yet to be set, but that the "safe" penciled in number has been exceeded. Calls for clarification have not been returned as of press time.

Gamestop.com is taking the opportunity to boast that it still has launch quantities available (and why wouldn’t it with bundles going for up to $1200).

In any event, being sold out in any form is good news for Microsoft.