Edge 20th anniversary covers, part one: 1993-1997


For Edge’s 20th anniversary edition we have produced 20 unique covers to celebrate the 20 games we’ve chosen as the defining titles of each year that has passed since Edge’s launch in August 1993.

Some of the 20th anniversary covers have been designed by illustrators whose work has appeared in Edge before, and some are the creations of contributors new to our pages, including a selection of artists from videogame studios across the globe.

Edge’s 20th anniversary edition is available now – you can buy a single issue or subscribe in print, on iPad and on Google Play.

1993: Doom

Cover artist: Morgan Gibbons

1994: Ridge Racer

Cover artist: Jamie Souk

1995: Wipeout

Cover artist: John Machin

1996: Super Mario 64

Cover artist: Marinko Milosevski

1997: Final Fantasy VII

Cover artist: Jesse Keisala

The next five covers, starring the defining games of 1998-2002, can be found here.