Edge 20th anniversary covers, part two: 1998-2002

Edge 20 part 2

For Edge’s 20th anniversary edition, on sale August 29, we have produced 20 unique covers designed to celebrate the defining titles of each year that has passed since Edge’s launch in August 1993.

Some of the 20th anniversary covers have been designed by illustrators whose work has appeared in Edge before, and some are the creations of contributors new to our pages, including a selection of artists from videogame studios across the globe.

This is the second set of five cover designs, covering the years 1998 to 2002, with years 2003 to 2007 to come on Wednesday and 2008 to 2012 on Thursday, the day on which our 20th anniversary edition is published in print and on iPad.

You can find the first five years, 1993 to 1997, here.

1998: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Cover artist: Wil Overton

1999: Shenmue

Cover artist: Dennis Hind

2000: Deus Ex

Cover artists: Yohann Schepacz and Martin Dubeau

2001: Halo

Cover artist: 343 Industries

2002: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Cover artist: Craig Stevenson

The next five covers covering 2003-2007 can be found through the link.