Edge 20th Anniversary: get issue one on iPad

issue one

The first issue of Edge, published 20 years ago, is now available on iPad.

It can be downloaded for £1.49/$1.99 through the free Edge container app in iTunes, and includes a zoom function – just double tap – for easier scrolling and reading.

The magazine debuted in 1993, offering a closer look at videogames and the people behind them than any of its contemporaries. Issue one looked at what lay in store from the first of the so-called next-generation consoles, 3DO Company’s eponymous Digital Interactive Multiplayer, which promised “a rise in performance of 50 times” over the 16-bit consoles that had dominated the market up until then.

Elsewhere, the magazine looked at how compact discs might transform interactive entertainment, weighed up the benefits of Dolby Surround and QSound in games, and reviewed games such as Street Fighter II Turbo and Silpheed. There are some prescient predictions for gaming’s future from Arthur C Clarke, George Lucas and Peter Gabriel, too.

iPad owners can download the issue from iTunes now. Be sure to take a look at our free Edge cover gallery app, too, which contains every Edge cover, ever.