The Edge Create Challenge 2012: Asset packs

Following on from the Unity tutorials we posted last week, here's a list of useful tools and components available from the Unity Asset Store that should help eliminate that dreaded blank canvas syndrome. There's a mixture of free and paid for downloads below, and there are many more specific tools available if you look around. Don't forget, too, that you can discuss your ideas and projects in the Edge Create Challenge 2012 forum thread.


C# game examples

M2H introduces C# programming through a series of playable minigame examples.

Orthello 2d Framework

This is a 2D toolkit from WyrmTale Games that will help you to create sprite sheets and animations with a drag and drop interface and physics support.

Dexsoft Games

A developer that offers, among other things, some great environment and building models suitable for a range of genres.

ADL Repository

The ADL repository is full of 3D models such as this F16a fighter jet. To find all of the models available through the Asset Store, just do a search for "ADL repository".


You're probably going to want some musical accompaniment to your game, and if you're not the composing type, these free music packs (including themes such as orchestral and space) should help you out.


2D Toolkit

Unikron Software not only references one of the most devastating transformers of all time, but also provides this powerful development aid.


Detox Studios' visual editor for scripting is currently in beta, and therefore half price. 


But take a look at Hutong Games' own scripting effort before settling on the one you want.

Edy's Vehicle Physics

A self explanatory addition to your arsenal, Edy's effort comes with a working demo project and prefabs for building scenes easily.

Dynamic Elements Effects pack

If you're going to fill the screen with magical effects, Kalamona's pack will help you get those particles sparkling.

Green Stash – Mesh Plants

Crytek might still have the edge over your project, but this foliage pack will help bring your environments to life. Best of all, you get two types of animated butterfly thrown in.

Spaceship Pack

Ten textured, low-poly spaceship models ready to drop in to your bullet hell.

Warriors and Commoners

Containing more than 800 textures, objects, animations and characters, this pack will flesh out your RPG, RTS or MMOG worlds.


Unity 3.5 has its own built-in path finding, but this pack from Alex Kring does a great job in its own right.

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