The Edge Create Challenge 2012: Beginner’s guide to Unity

The Edge Create Challenge 2012: Beginner's guide to Unity

The Edge Create Challenge has been in full swing for two weeks now, but if you’ve got as far as downloading and installing Unity only to be baffled by its interface, the below links should help to get you moving again.

First up is this series of video tutorials by Alex Holowka. Among other projects, the Canadian independent developer formed part of the team behind I’m O.K. – A Murder Simulator, a satirical shoot-em-up made in response to disbarred lawyer Jack Thompson’s open letter A Modest Video Game Proposal.

Starting with basic object creation and scripting in part one, Holowka moves through a wide variety of techniques including making 3D menus and registering collisions. Watch the first tutorial below.

Although the website’s down for maintenance at the time of writing, Codeacademy is another great resource, geared towards learning how to code from home alongside similarly interested friends. It’s free and presumes no prior knowledge.

And finally, Unity Technologies technical support associate Will Goldstone, who authored Unity 3x. Game Development Essentials, will be frequenting the Edge Create Challenge forum thread over the duration of the competition and will be happy to discuss projects and answer questions about the platform. You can also contact him via Twitter.

Do let us know how your projects are coming along in the comments section below or on the forum.