The Edge Create Challenge 2012: The judges

The Edge Create Challenge 2012: The judges

There are just a few days of development time left in the Edge Create Challenge 2012, so as the final weekend looms into view we can now reveal the judges who will be playing your submissions and choosing a winner.

First up is former Bungie game designer and now occupier of the same role at Sucker Punch Productions, Jaime Griesemer; and Media Molecule co-founder and creative director Mark Healey.

Joining them are PopCap founder and vice president of corporate strategy and development John Vechey; and Kellee Santiago, who recently left thatgamecompany to become a partner at IndieFund.

Unity CEO David Helgason and CCO Nicolas Francis will also be casting their expert eyes of your projects, along with Edge editor-in-chief Tony Mott and editor Alex Wiltshire.

We think you'll agree it's a prestigious line-up, and having your game seen by so many successful developers is a huge opportunity in and of itself.

Don't forget that you need to get your entries to us no later than 23:59 on April 17, by sending a link to Full details can be found here.

Best of luck for the final stretch – don't let the crunch get you down.