Edge Presents: Changing The Game – last few tickets reduced to half price for one day only

Edge Presents Changing The Game

Edge Presents Changing The Game

Next week, we’re kicking off the Evolve conference in London with Edge Presents: Changing The Game, a breakfast event at which Edge columnist Tadhg Kelly and Hide&Seek’s Mark Sorrell will discuss the future of interactive entertainment.

For today only, we’re reducing the price of the last few tickets by 50 per cent, to just £77.50 plus VAT. To get yours, head over to the Evolve website, and enter the promotional code EP12HP.

The first session will be presented by Edge columnist and What Games Are man Tadhg Kelly, followed by Hide&Seek’s Mark Sorrell:

Knowing Our Place: Why Games Should Sit At The Head Of The Media Table
Tadhg Kelly, What Games Are

Games are often considered the lowest rung on the cultural ladder. Their assessment as art becomes wrapped up with issues of cinematic story, and the creative dictates of working on other-media projects often get tangled in anti-game concerns. As creators, we struggle to assert our own creative self-worth, and look to people who know nothing of games for validation or legitimacy. Game designer and columnist Tadhg Kelly talks about how this tendency to defer to other media is the biggest challenge facing game makers. He challenges them to consider that already they know their art form better than outsiders – and why it works and is so exciting – but that they lack the voice to say so. To Kelly, game makers should consider themselves as the most rather than the least important, and presents a future in which it is games that sit at the head of the cultural table.

Winning The Living Room
Mark Sorrell, Development Director, Hide&Seek

The evolution of mobile phones into smartphones led to a huge change in gaming, in both creative and commercial terms. The biggest growth area in gaming is free-to-play games made for a non-gaming audience to play in a few moments on a bus or in a queue. That same change in technology – ubiquitous and not primarily for gaming – will surely come to the living room. When it does, what are the kinds of games and experiences and business models that will make sense? How, when and why will non-gamers choose to play games in their living rooms? Hide&Seek’s Mark Sorrell presents a vision of where games might go, the questions they may face, and how the modern developer can be ready to take advantage of these new audiences.

Edge Presents: Changing The Game runs from 8am to 10am at 41 Portland Place in London. For more, visit the Evolve website.