Edge presents: SimCityNights


GameCityNights turns into SimCityNights on February 28th as the final after-dark celebration of game culture comes to Nottingham.

SimCityNights will feature six teams battling against each other to win an array of prizes from sponsor Maxis. There will also be the usual mix of entertainment, food and drink.

Participants and audience members will also be able to ask Maxis itself about the new SimCity game, which is released on Friday 8th March.

“We’re really excited to bring SimCity to Nottingham, it’s the first opportunity this year to get an in-depth look at the game ahead of its release and a great way to celebrate its return with GameCityNights,” said Maxis product manager Jacqui Ashworth.

Director of GameCity at Nottingham Trent University Iain Simons added: “We’ve had an amazing time on the road with GameCityNights, so we’re delighted to cap off the tour with an extra-special night. Whilst talk, games and plentiful food and drink have proved very popular elements of the gigs, people have always bemoaned the lack of attention we’ve given to pragmatic civic planning. Now is the time to put that right.”

You can get tickets and more information on the GameCityNights site.