Elite: Dangerous achieves Kickstarter goal with time left on the clock



Frontier Developments’ Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter campaign has surpassed its £1.25 million goal with, at the time of writing, 38 hours left to go and a total of £1,282,176 raised. So it looks like we might actually be getting that long wished-for Elite sequel after all.

While the game is now funded, there are, of course, stretch goals on offer if the pledges keep coming. Frontier promises to release a Mac version of the game within three months of Dangerous’ PC launch if £1.4 million is raised, while the game’s 15 playable ships will be upped to 25 in £1.5 million is reached. That’s a bargain £10,000 per ship, then – less than a reasonable family car.

A new £25 reward tier has also been added, which will bag you a digital copy of the game once it’s released and an additional 500 in-game credits. Anyone who has already pledged over that amount will also now receive that reward as a bonus. Elite: Dangerous is scheduled for release March 2014.

We recently spoke to Frontier founder and Elite co-creator David Braben about his plans for the latest entry in the Elite series, why Kickstarter was right for this project and why the time is right for Elite to return.