Enterbrain Forecasts Hardware Race

Enterbrain Forecasts Hardware Race

Japanese magazine publisher and analyst Enterbrain has followed up yesterday’s statements on the PlayStation 3′s launch with some hard stats about Wii and Xbox 360.

The Famitsu publisher says PS3 will sell around 4.13 millions units worldwide by the end of March 2007,  the end of Sony’s fiscal year. In the meantime, Wii should sell 5.75 millions units.

However, the combined release of popular titles and a price-cut should put the PS3 in front of Wii by the end of 2007. In Japan, Xbox 360 will continue to struggle but Enterbrain forecasts a global installed base of 17.46 millions units installed by the end of 2007.

Yesterday, Enterbrain  president Hirokazu Hamamura said, "The PS3 will have a tough time globally at the initial stage. Its launch titles in Japan and exclusive software titles overseas are quite limited. But its overwhelmingly realistic graphics will give it a long life span. It will stay competitive even when a game console battle breaks out among a newer generation of machines in 2010. Sales should grow every time Sony cuts prices." He said that the initial high price tag will turn off would-be early adopters.

Enterbrain expects PS3′s sales to hit 34 million worldwide by the end of 2009, Wii sales to reach 25 million and Xbox 360′s to reach 28 million in that time frame.